Virtual Networks

A Virtual Network represents a model of network configuration, which allows Danube Cloud to define virtual network interfaces, IP addresses and domains for virtual machines.

Virtual networks are defined by the following attributes:

  • IP address range
  • default gateway
  • VLAN ID (0 for untagged VLAN)
  • NIC tag
  • DNS resolvers
  • reverse domain

Virtual networks are mapped onto physical network interfaces through NIC tags. NIC tags map the virtual network and compute node’s physical network interfaces. Virtual network interfaces are created on top of NIC tags.

Danube Cloud comes with the following preconfigured virtual networks:

  • admin - Required for internal use of Danube Cloud and data center management.
  • lan - Dummy network example for virtual machines.


The malfunctioning of the admin network can cause operational problems of certain Danube Cloud parts and seriously affect the correct functioning of your data center. Therefore, any work or configuration regarding this network should be approached with great care! This network should be exclusively used for Danube Cloud internal purposes and not for use with virtual or physical servers outside of Danube Cloud.

See also

Detailed explanation on how to work with virtual networks, can be found in the Virtual data center -> Networks section.