es - Danube Cloud command-line tool

es is a Swiss Army Knife command-line interface (CLI) for the Danube Cloud API.





Shell variables used by es:

Variable Description
ES_API_KEY Optional API key used to perform authenticated requests.

You can further customize the downloaded es python script by opening it in a text editor and changing the following configuration variables:

Variable Description
API_URL URL of your Danube Cloud installation (SITE_URL) with /api path appended to it.
API_KEY Optional API key used to perform authenticated requests (may be read from ES_API_KEY environment variable).
TOKEN_STORE es session file location.
SSL_VERIFY Whether to verify server SSL certificate.
TIMEOUT HTTP connect and read timeout in seconds.


Always use HTTPS for API_URL to achieve optimal transport security.


es action [/resource] [parameters] [output format]

  action:        {login|logout|get|create|set|delete|options}
  resource:      /some/resource/in/api
  parameters:    -foo baz -bar qux ...
  output format: --json (default)


The tabulate output format will be only available if python-tabulate package is installed.



Action is a command translated into a HTTP method according to this table:

es action HTTP method
get GET
create POST
set PUT
delete DELETE
options OPTIONS
login POST /api/accounts/login
logout GET /api/accounts/logout


Every resource begins with a slash and is represented by a path which is used to create a URL. Most of the available resources are bound to a virtual datacenter and should be prefixed with a /dc/(dc)/ path.


Please check the routing table for all available resources.


Parameters begin with a single dash followed by the name of the parameter, then followed by a value. Parameters are internally translated into POST/PUT/DELETE JSON encoded data or GET query strings and sent to the server.

Some parameters require JSON objects as values, which cannot be expressed as strings or numbers from the command line. It is possible to specify a JSON object as a value by using the json:: prefix. For example, the following command will create a simple template:

es create /template/small-server -vm_define "json::{\"vcpus\": 1, \"ram\": 512}"

The file:: prefix followed by a path leading to the file can be used to load contents of a file as a value for a parameter.


A special parameter -api-key can be used to perform an authenticated request without the need to log in.


es supports different output formatters. The default output formatter is json and it can be changed by using the --<output-formatter> command-line parameter. Some output formatters may require additional python dependencies.


The default output is a JSON object with following attributes:

  • url - full URL built from the resource (and parameters if the get action is specified)

  • status - response HTTP status code

  • method - es action translated to HTTP method

  • text - HTTP output in JSON format

    es example:

    es login -username admin -password Passw0rd
        "url": "",
        "status": 200,
        "method": "POST",
        "text": {
            "detail": "Welcome to Danube Cloud API."


Uses the python built-in csv module to print the API results in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format using the semicolon (;) as a field delimiter.

es example:

es get /image -full --csv
centos-6.4;True;1;centos-6.4;1.0.3;1;admin;10240;CentOS Linux 6.4 64-bit
scientific-6.4;True;1;scientific-6.4;1.0.3;1;admin;10240;Scientific Linux 6.4 64-bit
ubuntu-12.04;True;1;ubuntu-12.04;1.0.3;1;admin;10240;Ubuntu Linux 12.04.2 LTS 64-bit


The tabulate output formatter requires python tabulate to be installed. Following table formats are supported:

  • plain

  • simple (default)

  • grid

  • pipe

  • orgtbl

  • rst

  • mediawiki

  • latex

  • latex_booktabs

    es example:

    es get /image -full --tabulate-grid
    | name           |   deploy |   access | alias          | version   |   ostype | owner   |   size | desc                            |
    | centos-6.4     |        1 |        1 | centos-6.4     | 1.0.3     |        1 | admin   |  10240 | CentOS Linux 6.4 64-bit         |
    | scientific-6.4 |        1 |        1 | scientific-6.4 | 1.0.3     |        1 | admin   |  10240 | Scientific Linux 6.4 64-bit     |
    | ubuntu-12.04   |        1 |        1 | ubuntu-12.04   | 1.0.3     |        1 | admin   |  10240 | Ubuntu Linux 12.04.2 LTS 64-bit |