The DNS feature included in Danube Cloud enables a simple management of DNS domains and records.

Access Permissions  
SuperAdmin read-write
DCAdmin read-only
DnsAdmin read-write on DNS records (DC-bound domains only)


In the upper right corner is a button labeled Show All, which can be used to display all domains, including domains that are not associated with the current working virtual data center.

DNS Domain Parameters

  • Name - DNS domain name.

  • Access - DNS domain visibility. One of:

    • Public - DNS domain is usable by all users in this virtual data center.
    • Private - DNS domain is usable by SuperAdmins, DCAdmins, and owners of this domain.
  • Type - PowerDNS domain type which determines how records are replicated. One of:

    • MASTER - PowerDNS will use DNS protocol messages to communicate changes with slaves.
    • NATIVE - PowerDNS will use database replication between master DNS server and slave DNS servers.
  • Owner - DNS domain owner.

  • DC-bound? - Whether a DNS domain is bound to a specific virtual data center.

  • Records - Number of DNS records within a DNS domain and a link to DNS record management (read-only).

  • Description

Managing a DNS Domain

A DNS domain can be created, updated and deleted only by a SuperAdmin.



The default DNS domain (VMS_VM_DOMAIN_DEFAULT) cannot be deleted.

Attaching a DNS Domain

Used for associating an existing domain with a virtual data center. Can be performed only by a SuperAdmin.


A DNS domain can be only used when attached to a virtual data center.

Detaching a DNS Domain

Used for removing an association of a domain with a virtual data center. Can be performed only by a SuperAdmin.

DNS Records


DNS Record Parameters

  • Name - The name of the DNS record - the full URI the DNS server should pick up on.
  • Type - DNS record type. One of: A, AAAA, CERT, CNAME, HINFO, KEY, LOC, MX, NAPTR, NS, PTR, RP, SOA, SPF, SSHFP, SRV, TLSA, TXT.
  • Content - DNS record content - the answer to the DNS query.
  • TTL - How long (seconds) the DNS client is allowed to remember this record.
  • Enabled - If set to false, this record is hidden from DNS clients.
  • Changed - The date and time when the record was last changed (read-only).

Managing DNS Records

Custom DNS records can be created, updated or removed by a SuperAdmin or by a DnsAdmin (DC-bound domain only).