The System menu is available only to SuperAdmin users and offers information and functionality related to the Danube Cloud system itself.


The System menu is available only in Danube Cloud version 3.0 or newer.

Access Permissions  
SuperAdmin read-write


Danube Cloud system is configured via virtual data center settings.


System Update

The system maintenance view can be used for updating the Danube Cloud software on the mgmt01 virtual server and compute nodes. Please refer to the maintenance section of this user guide for more information on updating Danube Cloud.

The main Danube Cloud components should be updated in the following order:
  1. The software on the management server must be updated first (via GUI or API).
  2. Then, the software on all compute nodes should be updated to the same version as on the management server (via GUI or API).
  3. An optional update of the platform image should be performed last (by running a script on the compute node).


Please, always read the release notes before performing an update:


The update functionality is not bound to a specific virtual data center, which means that the update tasks are logged into the task log of the main virtual data center. You are advised to switch to the main virtual data center before performing an update.

See also

Some features may require a new version of the Platform Image.