Admin Virtual Data Center

Virtual servers in Admin Virtual Data Center are essential for proper functioning of the Danube Cloud. It is not recommended to use this virtual data center for any other purposes.


Manipulating Compute Nodes, virtual servers, or other objects in the Admin Virtual Data Center can break Danube Cloud.


The mgmt01 VM MUST NOT be shut down during the operation of the Danube Cloud.


See also

More information about virtual data centers.

Virtual Servers in the Admin Data Center

  • mgmt01 - central web management server.
  • mon01 - main monitoring server running Zabbix.
  • cfgdb01 - configuration database server running Apache ZooKeeper.
  • dns01 - primary DNS server running PowerDNS.
  • img01 - central image server used for storing virtual server disk images.
  • opnsense01 - (optional) central router between admin and external network.


The root accounts in each virtual server have the first compute node’s public SSH key set during installation and therefore are accessible from first compute node via SSH.


The Danube Cloud internal virtual servers cannot be reinstalled or redeployed to an existing Danube Cloud infrastructure. Please make sure that you perform regular backups of all Danube Cloud internal servers.


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