Post-installation Tasks

After you have successfully installed your first compute node, you should log in into the central web management portal and configure at least some settings to customize your Danube Cloud installation to your needs:

  • Update the admin's user profile: add your SSH public key and update other information.
    • To access profile settings for your current user click the Profile button at the top of the page.
  • Adjust the compute node’s CPU, RAM and node storage coefficients.
    • Go to Nodes item in the Main menu, select a node, then click on the node’s hostname to change settings. Coefficients can be edited by clicking on the Show advanced settings button.
  • Update virtual data center settings for the main virtual data center.
    • Go to Datacenter in the Main menu and select Settings item in the Datacenter menu, to start editing settings.
  • Check and/or create some networks and IP addresses.
  • You may also want to import some server images before you create your first virtual server.
    • Images can be found under the Datacenter item in the Main menu.
  • Virtual servers should be logically grouped into virtual data centers so you should create a virtual data center for each project, customer, etc.
    • Go to Datacenter -> Datacenters and start creating/managing virtual data centers.

You, the Danube Cloud administrator, should make yourself familiar with the command-line client es, which can be used to perform some administrative tasks, e.g.: