Central Monitoring Server

The Central (Main) Monitoring Server is a part of Danube Cloud’s first compute node.

The Danube Cloud management server automatically synchronizes the following objects with the main monitoring server:

  • Compute nodes and their Monitoring hostgroups.
  • Virtual servers for monitoring from outside (from the compute node perspective); Monitoring host names are prefixed with an underscore (_).


In the default Danube Cloud setup, each virtual data center uses the central (main) monitoring server.


A newly created virtual data center inherits all settings (including monitoring settings) from the default main data center.


Changing the monitoring server and monitoring settings in the default main virtual data center affects the internal (main) monitoring server and settings in all virtual data centers. Changing the monitoring server and monitoring settings in other virtual data centers can be used to configure a dedicated monitoring server for a virtual data center.

Initial Configuration

First Login into Zabbix

The Zabbix web interface is available at https://zabbix_ip. The default username is Admin and the password was auto-generated and displayed upon successful installation of the first compute node. The Admin password may be also visible as a metadata (zabbix_admin_password) of the mon01 virtual server in the Admin virtual data center.

Default Users

The monitoring server has two preconfigured Zabbix users and one system user. Their passwords were auto-generated during the compute node installation or during the build process of Danube Cloud.

  • Admin - A Zabbix account, which is used for monitoring system configuration.

  • provisioner - A Zabbix account, which is used for communication between the Danube Cloud and the Zabbix API. This account does not have access to the web frontend.


    Changing provisioner’s password in Zabbix also requires changing the MON_ZABBIX_PASSWORD in all affected virtual data centers (Datacenter -> Settings -> MON_ZABBIX_PASSWORD).

  • root - A system superuser account, which can be used for remote administration over SSH. The password for the root user was auto-generated during the build process of the installation image. The root account should have the first compute node’s public SSH key set and therefore should be accessible from the first compute node via SSH.

Monitoring Server Factory Settings


The change of factory settings can seriously affect the correct functioning of the monitoring and alerting system. It is not recommended to change these settings.


All synchronized servers are created automatically and any manipulation with them in Zabbix is forbidden. Hosts are divided into several categories:

  • Compute nodes

  • Virtual machines

    • Virtual servers without monitoring agent (agentless)
    • Virtual servers with monitoring agent

Host Groups

The following host groups are required for the correct functioning of the monitoring system:

  • Compute nodes
  • Notifications
  • Virtual machines
  • Templates


The following Zabbix monitoring templates are required for the correct functioning of the monitoring system and it is forbidden to modify them:

  • t_icmp
  • t_zabbix-agent
  • t_erigones-zone
  • t_erigonos
  • t_solaris_disk
  • t_linux
  • t_linux-disk
  • t_svc-api
  • t_svc-cache
  • t_svc-db
  • t_svc-dns
  • t_svc-erigonesd-compute
  • t_svc-erigonesd-mgmt
  • t_svc-gui
  • t_svc-img
  • t_svc-mq
  • t_svc-remote-console
  • t_svc-sio
  • t_svc-web-proxy
  • t_svc-web-static
  • t_vm_cpu
  • t_vm_disk_latency
  • t_vm_disk_space
  • t_vm_memory
  • t_vm_zone_cpu
  • t_vm_zone_dataset
  • t_vm_zone_vfs
  • t_vm_zone_zfs
  • t_vm_kvm_disk0_io
  • t_vm_kvm_disk1_io
  • t_vm_kvm_disk2_io
  • t_vm_kvm_disk3_io
  • t_vm_network_net0
  • t_vm_network_net1
  • t_vm_network_net2
  • t_vm_network_net3
  • t_vm_network_net4
  • t_vm_network_net5
  • t_vm_network_net6
  • t_vm_network_net7
  • t_zfs_io_throttle
  • t_zfs_arc
  • t_zfs_l2arc
  • t_zabbix-db
  • t_zabbix-agent
  • t_zabbix-proxy
  • t_zabbix-server
  • t_role-db
  • t_role-dns
  • t_role-img
  • t_role-mgmt
  • t_role-mon
  • t_role-compute

IT Services

IT Services -> Compute Nodes is used for calculating compute node’s SLA.


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